i thought this would be a pretty cool project for march, since i like to write but i get a lot of writers block. i'm not following a particular challenge, i'm just going with the flow.

day 1 - twenty facts about me

1. my favourite colour is red.
2. i have very thick eyebrows. boys used to tease me about them but so many lovely girls have complimented me and i love them.
3. my favourite shows are brooklyn nine-nine and how i met your mother.

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4. i have anxiety and depression but i'm getting better!
5. i had my first heartbreak at fourteen, which i think is pretty young.
6. i am bisexual.

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7. i want to be a history teacher
8. i'm a straight-a student
9. my dad is irish and my mum is scottish

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10. my favourite books are the harry potter series, the shadowhunter chronicles and the to all the boys i've loved before trilogy.
11. i wear a lot of red lipstick.
12. i grew up in glasgow.

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13. i have social anxiety so i don't enjoy formal events like weddings or christenings, but i actually love going to house parties!
14. i'm a child of divorce.
15. my dream university is st. andrews

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16. i think i'm pretty patriotic. i love scotland and i love learning about ireland.
17. i have one younger brother and two older step-brothers.
18. i love my hair. i used to dye it a lot but it's a natural dark brown just now. it dries into nice curls.
19. i'm pretty passionate about equailty, and a lot of people poke fun at it, but tbh i think that's the reason we need it.
20. my favourite items of clothing are my vans and my denim and leather jackets.

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i hope you enjoyed this!