Hello, it's me again! Today I will be sharing ten things that makes me really happy so I hope you enjoy!

1. Food, i really love the feeling of eating something after a long day and just that feeling of feeling full makes me feel super happy

2. My friends, they help me feel confident and help me out when I need them

3. My family, they may drive me nuts, but I love them to bits

4. Where I come from, many people may not love where they come from, but I learned to embrace who I am and where my culture is from

5. Fashion, I may not be a fashionista, but I love putting outfits together that makes me feel confident

6. Traveling, I love visiting new places and absorbing the new atmosphere

7. Game of thrones, I could write a whole paragraph about the show, but I'll keep it short and say that they bring out the loudness out of me

8. Spring, I love the fresh breeze and flowers blooming out

9. Hot Chocolate, I would pick that over coffee any day

10. Learning a new language, I enjoy the feeling of learning a new language and having the ability to understand the language and communicating with new groups of people

Hope you enjoyed reading this, hopefully the next few ones will be more interesting