hey. today I've decided to tell tips for getting over someone, or just guide. first I want to say that I'm not a professional at this, in fact I have been in that situation for a long time and it's one of the hardest things I've gone through. I believe you can do it.

i don't now your story. I don't know if you were left by someone, if you were played or if you're in love with a person you don't have a chance with, but no matter what the reason is you have to remember that no one will never be better for yourself than yourself. sounds stupid, maybe sounds selfish, but its not at all. just think about it. the fact that you're hurting and even in pain because of someone else is not worth it. if someone makes you feel worthless or makes you hurt, you should know that they're not that kind of people who will stay in your mind the whole life. you will probably remember that person, but at one point I swear you'll be thinking about it laughing and saying "can't believe I believed that asshole" or "what did I even see in that person". and trust me, that is the best feeling ever. that feeling is totally worth the hard work you've done for it.
and to people who are in love with a person and can't date them, maybe one day you'll call them yours, don't stop believing, BUT you have to do hard work for it too. if you just sit in your room and listen to love songs and think about that person, it probably won't happen (at least not really fast). talk to them, maybe try to get their attention, when you see them in the hallways just try to make them notice your beauty. but don't let them come to you just because of your beauty. when you get in touch with them, show your inner beauty. let them fall in love with who you really are. OR if you're already talking to that person, you should let them know how you feel. don't come at them with a whole paragraph saying how much you love them, that would scare them a lil bit. but if you just tell them how you've felt about them lately it can lead to something.

if you tell a person how you feel and they don't respond to it the same way, you should always remember that you'll then find a better one, who will love you the same.

getting over someone definitely needs inspiration. for me the best way to get inspiration is music. listening to songs about these things give me so much power and they help me so much.
here are some songs that may help you: IDGAF and New Rules by Dua Lipa, Saved, Coaster and Cold Blooded by Khalid, Knew Better / Forever Boy, Love Me Harder and Break your Heart Right Back by Ariana Grande, Same Old Love by Selena Gomez... There are a lot more songs, but those are the ones that help me the most. even just listening to happy songs. like all those artists that make positive songs. the music is supposed to make you feel something inside you, something that gives you power and makes you believe in yourself.
as I said, this is a hard thing to go through, and no matter how you try to explain the hurt, you just can't. you can't explain the butterflies in your stomach, the smile they cause and the way you cry when you miss them.
I'm here for everyone. if you're reading this and can't seem to get over it, just message me.

here's a little something for now. I have no idea if this was helpful at all, but I tried. i'll probably do another part but this is all I want to say for now.
Stay strong and believe in yourself! You can do this!

good luck