10 Random Facts About Me

1. I study Anglistics

2. I wear glasses (and I love it)

girl, necklace, and pretty image

3. I'm 20 years old

4. I LOVE teddy bears

brown eyes, girl, and pretty image

5. I love leggings

leggings image

6. I love baggy sweaters

baggy, black, and fall image

7. I love make up (even though I don't wear it very often

makeup, beauty, and lipstick image

8. I love Stephen King (books > movies)

aesthetic, books, and collection image

9. I have a younger brother

Temporarily removed

10. I'm into fitness (because being healthy and strong is the best thing ever)

fittness, FRUiTS, and health image

That's it for day one, I hope you enjoyed it. See you tomorow