10 Random Facts About Me

1. I study Anglistics

2. I wear glasses (and I love it)

girl, smile, and glasses image

3. I'm 20 years old

4. I LOVE teddy bears

brown eyes, girl, and pretty image

5. I love leggings

leggings image

6. I love baggy sweaters

fashion, outfit, and style image

7. I love make up (even though I don't wear it very often

makeup, beauty, and lipstick image

8. I love Stephen King (books > movies)

aesthetic, books, and collection image

9. I have a younger brother

anastasia ., fedor., and younger brother. image

10. I'm into fitness (because being healthy and strong is the best thing ever)

fittness, FRUiTS, and love image

That's it for day one, I hope you enjoyed it. See you tomorow