Hiii I'm Alexandra, I like reading and writing so I thought about start writing article here in WHI.
I think its important to know the person you're reading so here's some things about me:


fashion image fitness, fit, and workout image black, converse, and style image outfit, girl, and style image
when I'm not wearing shorts/jeans and converses, I'm wearing comfy workout clothes even when I do not workout


braid image Inspiring Image on We Heart It dog, retro, and vintage image cozy, date, and decor image
aesthetic, green, and plants image green, house, and green house image artist, Figure, and example image aesthetic, car, and green image

things I love the most

animals, dog, and labrador image Image by Ella beautiful, ice cream, and relationships image coffee and emergency image
my chocolate labrador, shoes, coffee and movie night


blue, grey, and language image art, artist, and drawing image fitness, reading, and tan image 30 seconds to mars, jared leto, and dancing image
learning new languages, drawing and painting, reading and dancing in my room


beach, sea, and sun image gif and beach image coconut, summer, and tropical image photo, purple, and starfish image
I love the sea and everything about it, and drinking coconut water directly from a coconut
green, nature, and life image lake image blogger, lake, and nature image Image by Jinxthedreamer
I also love going to the river, I basically love water so much

t h a t 's a l l f o l k s