M -> Mauve

glitter, pink, and purple image flowers, princess, and purple image clothes, fashion, and grunge image purple, shoes, and boots image

A -> Aqua

pool, water, and blue image amazing, fashion, and shoes image blue, holographic, and mermaid image amazing, art, and design image

R -> Red

eye, eyeliner, and liner image berry, cranberry, and red image red image black, dark, and fashion image

I -> Iridescent

art, pink, and princess image fabric, multicolour, and textile image Image by Marine Sandei holographic, wallpaper, and background image

N-> Navy Blue

blue, sailor, and ocean image blue, sailor, and colors image blue, marbled, and bubbles image Image removed

E -> Emerald

crystal, emerald, and stone image green, aesthetic, and paint image green, velvet, and dress image green, feather, and aesthetic image