Good morning everyone!!

You know those beautiful sunny days when you wake up, first you see sun from your window and you feel so good? Yes, that feels awesome!

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What about those days when you wake up but it's dark and you just want turn your back and sleep again, how we can wake up feeling energetic?

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My tips for you are...

When you open your eyes immediately get up. Don’t stay in bed because then you could sleep again and then you are more tired than first you woke up.
Open drapes and let the sun shine in your room. Enjoy that beautiful view. If it’s good weather open window too.

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Do your bed. For me this is so important to do right after I woke up. I don’t know why but I think it’s because after that I feel I’m ready to do anything and it means sleeping is done.

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Make your coffee or tea. I love the smell of coffee in house!

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If you have time take a shower

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Make a good breakfast. Everything you love. Croissants, omelette, waffels, pancakes, desserts..
Eat your breakfast. Don’t rush!

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Do you feel how much energy you have? Now you can do anything you want with full energy!

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