Sometimes the things we think will last forever end so soon, and sometimes it is harder to let go than people assume. Sometimes we have nights when we are alone, struggling to breathe through our tears. Sometimes we look back on our pasts and regret all the time we wasted, days, weeks, months, even years. Because the truth is I have been cursed by the thought of you. When I'm awake going about my day, hell, even in my dreams. All I want to do is scream until I burst at the seams. You were the person I trusted with all of me, I told you everything and it stings that now you go about your life without me and don't remember a single damn thing about me. Maybe I envy how quickly you erased me from your life when I was clearly in a daze thinking everything was just a little out of place. It could have been that I got on your last nerve so you decided to kick me to the curb, but is that really what I deserved? Perhaps you might've found someone who is more of a person than I ever was. But don't you dare say that I didn't fucking care more than anyone else in this world ever will.

- ♡ -

All the love,
B xx

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