My intentions from the very start was nothing but innocence. I only thought of him as an acquaintance, someone I know from my class and a guy who I share a few chats here and there but everything was different when I was grouped together with him for an English project and a few with my lovely members. To tell you frankly, it was hard to believe that a guy like him could even exist because in this modern world we live today, nice boys are rare to find. He is smart, funny, approachable, charming, and a lot more. He sure is a sweetheart. From the start, I knew he had someone. They weren’t officially together but their actions are enough to show how in love they are with each other. No, this isn’t the part where I say, “Yes, I cheated” because I’m not that kind of person. Honestly, I adore these two. They never fail to make me smile because they give me hope that true love does exist in this cruel world we live in. They look at each other’s eyes, filled with so much adoration. Their bond was something I adore so much, something that I want to have someday. I want someone like him. Not really a clone of him but a guy who could look at you like you’re the most precious thing in the world. A guy who stays loyal and faithful to you regardless of the undecided label. A guy who will always be there for you when you’re happy and be there for you when you’re sad. A guy who can show you how much you mean the world to him. A guy who can tell you that he loves you every day. A simple reminder of his love for you. When he told me these words, “She means the world to me. Words are not enough to fathom how in love I am. If I was to choose between her and my life, I would choose her in a heartbeat. I can’t imagine my life without her in it. She will be mine soon and I’ll have to prove it to her even more”. Damn, she was one of the luckiest girls in the world to feel that type of love. Girls, no matter how attracted you are to a certain guy who is loyal to someone, don’t ever steal him away from her. Don’t ever break a relationship. Don’t ever destroy love between two people because life will always come back at you, with a revenge plan. Boys, if you love someone so much, tell them that you do and show it to them as well. Remember, actions speak louder than words. To the single people out there, don’t rush time. The right time will come that fate will bring you someone that you deserve. Someone who deserves to know every piece of you. Love will always be love. Love is everywhere but true love is something so rare but so precious. We all cherish that kind of love. A simple reminder to my readers: you are loved and I love you.