If you don't suffer from anxiety these things are gonna help you understand people who have it.
If you have anxiety I think you are going to relate.
Knowing this thing will help you treat others better when you see them in this situations.

You refuse invitations even if you want to go

There are certain days when you may have planned to do something and, when the time comes, anxiety takes control of everything. This can be very debilitating and you may feel that you lack the energy to move forward.
You know what is happening and you don't want to be a burden, so you cancel everything.

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You obsess over trivial things that others may not even notice

A simple word or a look from someone is enough for your head to start processing and rewinding the situation even for days. The truth is that you obsess over anything that happened recently, or a week ago.
You may be obsessed with a conversation you had or the fact that someone hasn't sent you a message yet.

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You go to bed late, you get up early

One of the biggest problems for you is going to sleep. After everything your mind has processed during the day, you find it difficult to go to sleep.
When morning comes, your anxiety clock starts working again, and it sounds several alarms, even if you're tired. When your anxiety goes on (when you wake up), you can not do anything to turn it off, so you do not go back to bed.

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You think it's your fault if someone does not answer you immediately

When you communicate with someone if they do not answer immediately, you begin to think that maybe you have said or done something wrong.
However, you should stop and consider that maybe they are in the middle of something that requires their full attention :)

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You experience a collapse when talking about the future

While everyone waits and makes plans for the future, your view on this subject makes you feel intimidated and frustrated.
Experiencing the present so harshly, makes you think how difficult and discouraging the future can be. This makes you retreat and hides to avoid thinking about it.

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Although this "symptoms" can sound awful just remember that just learning from this and trying to understand people can make a big change in their life.
If you have anxiety or other type of disorder I just want to tell you this; recovery is possible, is a difficult road, but possible. You are so strong honey.
Remember, be kind and love as much as possible :)
This article belongs to #TheKindnessProject I hope you found it useful guys, see you soon, I love you, stay safe <3