Hello everyone!!!

Today is Saturday. This week was the same as every week. These days I enjoy the company of two nerds, Ale (from Alejandra), and Doirend. Today I'll be hanging out with Bright for the first time. I don't know the town of Bradford, so I'll pass by her house at 6:30 pm. I get up and go to make some breakfast.

"I'm Peppa pig grrr" my little sister screams in the living room jumping up and down.

"And I'm the bad witch from Peppa pig and tell you to shut up, or I'll transform you into Peppa frog" I said

"You are lying. There's no witch in Peppa pig" Wtf? In my age all the cartoon were about princesses, witches and dragons. Won't children wait from the handsome prince on the white horse? Yeah, probably they'll wait for Sky, from winx, to come onto a porshe.

"Then who am I?" I ask

"My bad sister, Rebel, who wants to murder me"

"What breakfast do you want?" I ask

"Cereals and milk" she said and I put cereals and milk in a bowl.

"Rebel, today you'll stay here to look after your sister, cause her baby-sitter is ill" dad said

"But, dad, I'll go out today" What the hell is going on here?

"I'm going to job, be quiet" he ignored me and left. I opened my phone and went to Bright's instagram account, cause I don't have one. And then... I had a very good idea.

I found Lev's number on my phone and called him.

"I'm not free for tonight" he said

"Yeah, mr Cruise, i know you have shootings for pornhub" I said

"Wait! Who are you and how did you learn about my secret job?"

"Actually I remember that you owe me" I said

"Who the hell are you?Anyway you know in what I can help you"

"Shut up! You are anomalous. I'm Rebel, the one who hepled you at the terrace"

"Oh, yeah, the little terrace. I do owe you, little terrace, but I can't today"

"You will, or everyone will learn about the place you hide" I say

"Fuck off. Tell me what you want little bitch. But first, where did you find my phone?"

"At six o' clock in my house" I just said

"What do you want from me little terrace?"

"You will babysit my little sister" I say and close my phone

at 5:50

20, birthday, and highliter image
I wore this;

The bell rang.

"I'll open the door" Solstice said and opened

"Where is the terrace?" Lev asked

"We don't have a terrace in our house" my sister said

"Oh, you are cute, girl, but where is your sister?" he asked

"She is going out with Bright"

"Look, hear, we won't let your sister leave, okay?"

"I'm in" she said

"I can hear you" I shouted and went into the living room "Be careful you two" I said and tried to open the door, but it didn't open "I'm going to kill you" I said and sat at the sofa

Yeah, in the end, it was me, Lev and Solstice eating sushi and watching the frozen.

"You can leave now" I told Lev after 3 hours

"Bah. I don't want to"

"Oh, come on, leave"

"Girl, I know you wanna sleep with me" he said and I kicked him out of the house laughing.