If you're too attached to something stop holding it this tight and let it go. Just let it go.
Wether you're attached to a relationship (ex-boy/girlfriend, friend, relative...) and you've got your ties with them cutted for some reason just release them, let them go. Things happen for a reason, you should'nt feel like you should fix it or feel guilty. I truly believe we create our own reality, and if you created a break up that means you were not happy with your present, or been feeling too insecure about that person. Let things follow their course, look to yourself and find out why you felt the way you felt before and why ou feel the way you feel now. Take your time to understand your fears and patterns you create, change things you feel ou should change about yourself.
You created that present reality and that means you can create the next things you'll experience.
Be wise, don't be afraid and always be happy and brave.