i saw a few variations of this challenge & decided to combine them since i'm newer to whi & enjoyed doing my last article

style: cozy, dark, & boho
sweater, autumn, and fall image Image by danobogii
sweaters, cardigans, leggings, & scarves
zodiac: cancer - june 25th
astronomy, cancer, and june image
my chinese zodiac is the ox
personality: infp
13, decisions, and personality image tumblr, introvert, and me image
i'm an introverted dreamer & fandom trash
food, avocado, and healthy image Image by springkg
i really enjoy eating healthy, i put avocado in & on everything, & my favorite food is sushi
tea, book, and vintage image
i would die without iced coffee or vanilla chai tea
colors: creams, browns, & blacks
hobbies & passions:
Spam ps4 image
the culinary arts, reading, gaming, & writing
bastille and dan smith image bastille, pompeii, and flaws image album, alternative, and edit image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
bastille, fall out boy, & ludovico einaudi
books: hp, the scorpio races, & the raven cycle
Image removed owl image
maggie stiefvater & j.k. rowling are queens
tv: game of thrones, black sails, & hannibal
hbo, quote, and stark image pirates, tv series, and black sails image
also i will forever love avatar: the last airbender
movies: pan's labyrinth, hp, & spirited away
harry potter and hogwarts image harry potter, hogwarts, and marauders map image anime, blue, and ocean image howl's moving castle, anime, and Howl image
i love dark fantasy & studio ghibli films
season: autumn
autumn, fall, and Halloween image autumn, fall, and Halloween image
the crisp air, the spiced drinks, the colored leaves
deer, animal, and theme image owl, tree, and animal image
owls, foxes, & deer
travel: ireland, prague, london, paris, & japan
london, Big Ben, and england image clock, time, and art image
i want so badly to see the rest of the world i live in
life goals:
archetype, typewriter, and writing image archetype, writer, and writing image
i'm an aspiring author who currently has two worlds in her head, so publishing that would be amazing
food, cake, and fruit image food, croissant, and chocolate image
i also want to own a bakery, travel, have lots of adventures, & eventually adopt a child

thank you for taking the time to read this & if you like fandom aesthetics feel free to check out my collections (i'm slowly moving things over here from pinterest)

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