Hey folks! :)

This is my very first article here on whi and I hope you like it!

I'd like to talk about how a nice workspace can increase and improve your productivity and your motivation. I’m a law student and spend most of my day working for university in my room at my desk, and creating a workspace I feel good at has really made a huge difference for me.
Making your desk a place where you like to spend time will make studying and working only half as hard.

This is why I've come up with some ideas you can realize pretty easily and with a small financial budget, as I'm a student and neither have a lot of time nor a lot of money :)

This might sound trivial, but it really makes the biggest difference. Working on a clean, organized desk will improve your productivity so quickly, I promise! I used to put everything I didn't want to tidy up on my desk, so before I was able to study and do something for university, I had to clean up my desk, which was mostly the greatest excuse for me not to start working now. Take these few hours and clean up on and around your desk, organize your documents, put everything aside that you're not going to need on your desk. Trust me, it will not only be so much easier for you to find your stuff, but it will also motivate you.

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Decorating my workspace is what makes me actually want to spend time there. My favorites for decoration are small plants, such as succulents or tiny orchids. They instantly make me happy and it is scientifically proven that real plants help improve the room climate and can be helpful against depression too. Also, having to water them every once in a while will give me another reason to go to my desk, so… you see, where this is going ;) If you can afford it, choose some nice stuff such as a good (and pretty) lamp, some storage boxes, some nice folders and good stationery and so on (there’s also a lot of DIYs to make some of these things from scratch, e.g. on Pinterest).
Just choose some decoration that makes you feel happy whenever you look at it, stuff that motivates you or makes you feel good. It might also help to add a pin board to organize notes, put up some motivational photos or quotes or make it a vision board to keep the goals you want to reach in plain sight.

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My best tip for not making it look too disorganized when adding some decoration is to stick to one color scheme. In my opinion, the best choices are calm colors, such as grey, white, beige, maybe black. Adding too many or too bright colors will quickly make your entire desk seem wild and chaotic again. You can still add some small colorful details, such as flowers, decoration etc. :)

I also treated myself to some nice tea cups that fit my color scheme, so I like to add them into the overall picture and don’t forget to hydrate :)

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Also, some “low-budget” tips I used were:

- If you don’t like the color of your desk, the cheapest solution will probably be to paint it. I chose to paint mine white, because the old color wasn’t very nice. You might have to sand the old paint or varnish down first so the new color will stick.
- Adding just a board, a bigger shelf or a curtain will give you some privacy and separate your workspace from the rest of your room and maybe even some more storage.
- IKEA has some great, affordable solutions even for small spaces to store and organize your stuff.
- Less is more – don’t underestimate the effect of a clean space!
- Small rugs, a nice chair (with a pillow), some framed pictures, the details can make all the difference!
- You can often find some treasures on your local flea markets. Vintage pieces for decoration, storage stuff, …
- I like to buy some fresh flowers at the supermarket. They’re usually pretty cheap there and they improve my mood by 100%! Also, in spring and summer, you can find some really nice flowers, twigs and grasses outside. Put them together in a vase and it will most likely look good, whatever you put in there ;)

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Keep in mind that – even though it is supposed to be a nice and cozy place – you’ll have to work there, so don’t put too much stuff on your desk and try to keep it practical.
Have the stuff you’ll need daily close to you and keep it neatly organized, store your important documents and your school stuff in folders or boxes so you can easily find what you’re searching for. It also helps to organize your books close to your workspace.

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Make it a habit to clean up your desk every time you’re finished working there for the day. This is so important! Having this ritual really lets me calm down after working there all day. Bookmark some pages and close your books, clean up cups and glasses, put your documents aside and organize them right after working with them. Once or twice a week, wipe down your desk and rid your stuff from the dust, water your plants and maybe throw out some documents and stationery you don’t need anymore. First of all, this will instantly remind you of everything you’ve done today and maybe give you a feeling of pride and awareness for how far you’ve come. Secondly, you will love coming back to a clean desk the next day so much more than having to tidy up all of the stuff before you can start working. Thirdly, you won’t have to start cleaning your desk all over again in a few months, because chaos has begun piling up on there. I usually just stack the books and documents I’ve been working on and put them into a drawer if I’m going to need them again just the next day. That way, they’re out of sight, but easy to get out again the next morning.

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I really hope this article inspired you to create a productive and cozy workspace :)