Hey everyone! We’re back with another #WHITheCollectors contest. ♡

This round’s theme is: SPRING!

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How to Enter

Create a collection based on the current theme, and keep adding images to it that fit with the theme. Don’t forget to give it a creative name! At the end, #TheWHISquad will announce the winners (we will judge the overall look/flow of your collection and its title).

Previous rounds:

Rules / Important Info:

[ 1 ] Please follow at least 2 members of #TheWHISquad (accounts are linked below)

[ 2 ] Send a postcard to Trish (@_vellichor_) or Konstantina (@moonlit_nights) saying that you are participating AND the name of your collection

[ 3 ] Stick to the theme & have a creative collection name

[ 4 ] Put #WHITheCollectors in the collection name or description

[ 5 ] The competition ends: March 15th. All collections must be completed by that date - minimum 15 photos and maximum 100 photos

[ 6 ] This round, we're offering an opportunity improve your chances at winning! All you have to do is write a Spring Tag (guidelines below) and add it to your collection. If you don't want to do the tag, no worries - it's completely optional (but it will help your chances at winning.)

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Spring Tag for #WHITheCollectors

Interested in writing the Spring Tag? Here's how...

Part 1: "Letter by Letter" challenge with the word SPRING

Basically, use the letters in SPRING to come up with words for the following categories:

  • travel destinations
  • quotes / lyrics
  • food / drink

For example, for food/drink, you could do:

Ice Cream
Grape Juice

Be as creative as possible!

Credit to @Paulien_99 for coming up with the awesome "letter by letter" concept

Part 2: Questions

  • What comes to mind when you hear “spring”? Show us in 4 images.
  • What are you excited for this spring?
  • What’s your favorite flower?

(Both parts can go in the same article)

Note: Feel free to tag your friends, but they don't have to join #WHITheCollectors if they don't want to :)

We’re looking forward to seeing your collections and tags! Good luck & happy hearting ♡

#TheWHISquad members:

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Credit to @itsqueenems for coming up with the WHITheCollectors idea!