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Circles in a Circle
  • Type : oil on canvas
  • Artist : Vassily Kandinsky (1866-1944)
  • Year : 1923
  • Location : Philadelphia Museum of Art, USA
  • Movement : abstract art
  • Dimension : 98.7 cm x 95.6 cm
  • Description : the outer black circle, as if the second frame for a picture, encourages us to focus on the interaction between the inside circles, and two intersecting diagonal stripes enhance the effect, adding a perspective to the composition. The geometric elements take a growing importance on his painting, especially the circle, the semicircle, the angle and the straight or curved lines.

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Painting is an art, and art as a whole is not a purposeless creation that flows in the empty. It is a power whose purpose must be to develop and improve the human soul.
— Vassily Kandinsky

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