I'm guessing all the comments under me are basing their assumptions on the fact that history hasn't been manipulated, stolen or doctored. If we're talking about your High School text book version of Ancient Egypt and National Geographic, then yes, there are no factual documented proof of Egyptian notes (because there was no music or imagination before notes were created). If we're talking about looking at the world through a more spiritual and unified lens (which I do), then it is possible that people's conscious collective created this.I remember those 2500 BC days, me and my homie Imhotep would be straight posted up at the palace, puffin on that Nile herb that he stole from his dad...we got this chick to show us her Nefertitis.nursing homes in usa are discovering the elderly love walking on treadmills with VR goggles & headphones on. too boring otherwise.. This music would be ideal for a virtual camel ride. HUT! HUT!Listening to this music is the perfect background soundtrack for working on a college assignment on papyrus making! Awesome music! Love it!!l feel so sad when l know that people don't know about egyption citizition and music and history except from vedio game and films :(