Hello guys, this sound really nice ;), Im doing some Age of Empires streams and i would like to use this music as a bg for the egyptian civ currently being used, all i have to do is put the credits to you guys and the link to your channel on the description right? That would be very cool if possible.Well said, most of the population of Egypt nowadays have nothing to do with the old inhabitants now the majority are arabs... but all in all it is the past ^^ and to be precises as I stumbled upon the Bulgarian Calendar which is acknowledged by UNESCO to be the Most Precise one we are ought to be enterering the year aah couldnt recall well 7000 + and smth so no matter how much we care about the past it is in the past ^^ Have a good day!Sasha Valaei thank you for your beautiful comment, from Lebanon Phoenicia here 7000BC we and Egypt were once neighbors by land dominance, enjoy the music dear.Wait, Sasha. Akashic records? Care to elaborate? That sounds interesting.I feel such a strong connection as well :) Like its somehow calling me to come over. goosebumpssss <3.