These lovely music also bring back the memory of my favourite African wild animals documentary called Animals Are Beautiful People. It was made by this famous late South African film producer and film director Jamie Uys , in the year of 1974. He is also the one who made the movies of The Gods Must Be Crazy ,and its part two.HI Brandon and Derek... My husband and I spent 2 months in Africa in August and September - -2016. We visited nine different African nations. Highlights included seeing the San Bushmen dance at their annual KURU Festival in Botswana, spending time with the Batwa near the Congo, trekking to find " gorillas in the mist" in the Bwindi Inpenetrable Forest, snorkeling in Mozambique and seeing pods of humbacks, and observing various tribal peoples in the Omo Valley in southern Ethiopia. I appreciate your music a lot and wonder if I can buy it online? We are making a video to show our family and friends and would like to use a few of your songs as background music if this is permissable. We are not professional and I do not make U Tube videos, nor do I plan to at my age. But it is fun to show our slides to our friends and family and some of your music would be perfect.