“Am I a Mortal Lady?”

Warning! There’s language and sex graphics...you’ve been warned!

Imagine what the story would be like...with an archangel. (Devilman Crybaby Fanfiction)

Himura Ena. She stands behind Fudo Akira as he cries for her. The bullies of kindergarten were a peak of bad behavior. They tore up her drawings of angelic creatures. Before they could even pull her hair, Akira jumped in and cried for her. "Please stop! Those drawing she did, took her all day! Can't you see that you're hurting her?"

"We don't see her crying, right guys?" The leader said with a grin. He was getting on Ena's nerves. She tightens her pencil. What are the outcomes of stabbing the boy's hand? Not seeing Akira or Miki ever again would be the outcome. Plus her parents would move her to another school.

What about hugging? That seemed okay. Ena drops her pencil and hugs Akira from behind. "Thank you for crying for me."


"Ha!" Ena wakes up straight forward and pushes back her bangs. She slams her alarm shut. Her dyed baby blue short hair slicked with a little sweat. "I've hadn't had that memory in so long...I wonder, why now?"

"Ena! Come down and eat your breakfast! You'll be late again!" Her mom calls from downstairs.

"Okay! I'm getting ready!" Ena quickly puts on her high school uniform and her round glasses. She runs downstairs, grabs a bite of eggs and bread and lastly kisses her dad's cheek. "Bye bye!"

Both of her parents wave to her as she runs while putting her shoes on. Ena's place is a house away from Mimi's place. Funny how they lost contact with each even though they lived so close. Her relationship with Akira was still strong though. She excelled in every sport known to man, but she decided to do art instead. It calms her mind and soul. It helped that Akira would come to the school's art studio after every practice. The would talk and just even relax in each other's company.

Ena runs towards the foot lockers. She switches out her outside shoes for inside shoes.

"Ena~chan~!" Miki jump hugs Ena's back. "You keep beating me to school! You really should try out track!"

"I don't know, I'm not much of a team type of gal." Ena smiles weakly. Akira finally catches up to Miki and pants a little. "You have Akira-kun in the team already. Why need me?"

"Because, hah, you, hah, are fast." Akira plops his scrawny self on the bench. "Ha~"

Ena giggles and rubs his head. "Someday you'll catch up to Miki's speed!"

The bell rings indicating that it was time for class.

Hours go by and it was lunch time. Ena walks towards the art studio with her sculpting kit. She was working on a clay sculpture of Lucifer reaching out to the sky. With clawed hands grabbing his lower half towards the ground. Ena smiles at the thought of its completion for the art gallery in the next town. She walks in and gasps.

Her sculpture in pieces. Torn from the supports and spread out on the ground. She notices writing on the sculpture. 'Gift from God? Whore from God!'

Ena sighs. It must be from the other art students. She picks up the clay prices from the ground.


She stops halfway to look up. Akira tears up as his lips quiver. She stands up holding the pieces. "It's not very clever. Points though for 'gift from god' it is the meaning of my name."

Akira cries some more as he walks closer to Ena. She drops her clay pieces and hugs him. Her fingers rubbing the back of his neck, calming him. "I'm happy you're here." Because then I would have done something terrible, she thought.

She leans back and wipes away his tears. Her smile makes Akira smile also. "Come on," Ena hands him the clay pieces. "Help me clean up at least."

They clean up the mess and then ate their lunch. As they are their last bite. It was time for class. Ena's next couple of classes were in her art studio. Since she got permission from the principle. The teachers gave her mean looks for her blue hair. The weird thing is whenever she tried to to dye it back to her black hair. It just washes off. So she stayed with her blue dye.


After school activists blossom for all certain types of clubs. Especially the track team/club. Miki sets herself up on the track along with Miko. While on the other side Akira and the guys were getting ready for their run. Ena watches from the window of the studio. She sees Akira waving to her, when he caught her watching. She blushes and waved back.

The project she was working on was now in painting form. What she didn't understand was why she painted Lucifer with breast and men genitals. His hair long and golden and the bluest eyes she've ever seen. The hands that were dragging him were grabbing one or two of his eight wings. Tears of blood flows down Lucifer's face and his neck. His expression shows agony, a little betrayal towards the golden skies.


"Eh?!" Ena loses her grip on the paintbrush, but brings it back in place as she collects herself. She looks over to the one that called her out. Miki and Akira. Time flew by so fast whenever Ena focuses on her art projects. She didn't notice it was time to go home. The three teenagers gather their things and left the school grounds, walking towards their homes.

Ena waves goodbye to her friends as she watches them go into their house. She sighs and walks towards her home. The door seemed unlock though. Which was odd because her parents are cautious. Ena slowly opens the door. "Mama? Papa?"

Plates fall from the ground. Two unknown people were stealing things while Ena's parents were tied up. "Shit! They have a kid!" The one that dropped the plate yells to the the other masked person.

"Honey, run!" Her Dad yells to her. The guy that's pointing a gun at him, shoots him as he screeches in panic.

Ena's eyes widen in shock. The bullet went through her father's skull. Silence pales over the room. The gun is a silencer so it didn't make any sound. Ena's mother cries out to her dead husband, but was quickly punched by the guy who didn't have the gun. "You had to shoot him didn't ya?!" He said. "I thought you had the safety on!"

"I'm sorry! I paniced okay?! Let's just go!" The guy with the gun gives it to the first one.

"No, they've seen too much." The confident guy, now with a gun, points the gun at Ena's mother. "Take off your clothes. I want a piece of your ass before we leave!"

That snapped Ena out of place. "Don't hurt her!" She cries. The other man grabs her when she tries to punch him.

"Don't worry girly. You're next." The man points the gun at her mother's head. "Just watch your mama get fucked!"

Ena tried to look away, but the man holding her was too strong and force her to watch. The man pounding her mother forced the end of the gun in her mouth. Ena could not get the picture of her mother's eyes blank out with no emotion. Like she was already dead.

"Mama, please! Fight through this! I don't want to be alone!" Ena screams and struggles against the hold she was locked in. No budge.

The gun leaves her mother's mouth. No words came out as the man continues to pound into her. Only splatters of blood flows out of her mouth. Ena's mother. Had ended her life.

"KYAAAAAAAA" Ena's scream could make the universe shake for her loss.

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