Please tell me I am not the only one to have a dream like this? It's not a bad thing, believe me it's not because when I woke up from this dream I COULD NOT STOP SMILING and I was so happy. So let me tell you about it.

So my dream was not the actual wedding ceremony, but the wedding rehearsal, specifically the dinner part, and it was beautiful and magical. insert crying emoji I don't know who it was I was marrying. I don't remember his face, which sucks, but I feel it's a sign. Whoever I was marrying is the man of my dreams. Sounds cliche I know but in the dream I was so in love with him and happy and I know he felt the same way. We were both excited to get married. I wish I could remember what he looked like.

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I kinda remember him having facial hair like in these pictures and he wore a hat, a nice one too like a fedora.

Anyways the dinner was so big and although it was just the rehearsal dinner, the scenery was so beautiful! We were at this beautiful location almost like a resort. The dinner took place inside this room resembling a ball room and it was filled with a lot of circle tables. There were a lot of people there of course from both my side and my "fiance's side." I also saw some people I recognized, but it also made me question why they were there because we aren't close anymore. insert shrugging shoulders emoji.

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My "fiance" and I were making sure we got around to seeing everyone so we kind of took like different sides. We ended up at the tables that had our families. He sat with his family and I sat with mine until I got tired of sitting with my family (sorry fam bam) so I went and sat with his family. They by the way were great They helped me bring out my true self and I felt so comfortable with them. I had so much fun sitting with his family. I sat next to my fiance of course and at the table were his mom, dad and his siblings. I think he had like two brothers and I kept teasing one of his brothers. Oh! He had a little sister, she sat on my right side and her and I got along so great. We adored each other.

Ok so stay with me on this part please.

So while I was sitting with his family, I showed them that I rate burps. Yes I rate burps with my friends on a scale of 1-10 so in the dream his brothers started to burp and then when I rated them we got into a teasing argument of the rate I gave them versus what they think their burp rate should have been. I know gross and funny right?

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Okay so back at sitting with my fiance. At one point when I was sitting with him, I leaned over and told him, "I can't wait.." then he finishes my sentence by saying, "till we're officially married?!" When he finished my sentence, I looked at him with a smile on my face and said, "YES!" then he said, "I KNOW!!" then we kissed each other. When we kissed his mom, dad and sister were awing, but his brothers were teasing us so we stopped kissing then my fiance and I jumped into teasing the brothers. I was so happy like you guys don't understand I was so happy and I just wanted to spend every minute with him and he wanted to do the same. I couldn't stop holding his hand. Being with him was the greatest feeling.

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Time had past and people had already left. The only ones still at the room were close friends of my fiance and I. Before we left they were calling me and my fiance over to take pictures. Did I mention what I was wearing? I know it was the rehearsal dinner, but I was wearing a white ballgown dress. it was so puffy and heavy but also so beautiful. Because my dress was heavy I was taking forever to get to the area where our friends wanted to take the picture. Since my fiance got there before me, our friends teased him saying "you're not gonna help your girl?!" He helped me, but they wanted to give him a hard time. My dress was so big that I needed help to sit down cause the picture was sitting down and then I also needed help getting up. When I was struggling to get up, the groomsmen of my groom were teasing him again saying, "dude your bride needs help." Then he came running saying, "I'm coming, i'm coming" and he sticks out his hand to me while saying "My lady."

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This was a great dream and it made me soooo happy! I looked up what it meant and it varies, supposedly I've already met the guy I'm going to marry but I don't know this guy in my dream is the man of my dreams and when I meet him I'll know. Thank you so much for reading!