You are beautiful. However, I know that sometimes it doesn’t feel like it. These are some tips to help you feel more beautiful:

1. Self spa

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Treat yourself. Run a hot bath, light some candles, put on a face mask and relax. Have some ‘you-time’ and just enough yourself.

2. Makeup

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Obviously you don’t need makeup. However, a lot of people like to experiment with makeup and try out new looks. It can be fun to see what kind of looks suit you - you might even find a new favourite look.

3. Gym

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Exercising regularly keeps you feeling uplifted and energized.

4. Positive reminders

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At the start of each week write yourself some positive reminders and hide them somewhere where you are likely to find them. E.g in a textbook or in your wardrobe. During the week you’ll find joyful notes in places that you completely forgot about. This can be a nice surprise, especially if you aren’t having a great day.

5. Go shopping.

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Go out with some friends and try on some new outfits.

6. Smile

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Whilst getting some new clothes is nice, the best part about your appearance is your smile😊 Keep smiling because it looks beautiful on you.

7. Sleep.

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Sleeping replenishes you. It helps boost your mood and is key for a healthy lifestyle.

8. Don’t compare yourself to others. The sun and moon are never compared and they both shine when it’s their time. Everyone is beautiful and special; no comparison is needed.

Hope you enjoyed this article. Thank you for reading.