Watching ice dissolve into water, paper creases, wind stinging your cheeks, waves crashing against rocks, poking your tongue out behind the teacher’s back, having a sprint after running, clear nail polish, the last whisper before you fall asleep, the perfect high ponytail, losing your page in a books, holding your breath, waving at someone across a crowded room, the smell of a sea breeze.

Looking up at the stars,tucking your hair behind your ears, heels clicking on polished floors, clicking your fingers, finishing a long book series, quiet music, petals falling off flowers, kicking a pebble on a deserted path,, leather bound books, pausing to smell the flowers, shaking polaroid pictures,ink stains, crumpled up paper.

Pulling your blanket back on when it falls off at night, extra creamy hot chocolate, putting on warm socks, a crackling fire,running your hands through fur, forehead kisses,cookies with melted chocolate,charcoal drawings,having sore cheeks from laughing, rosy cheeks, hand knitted jumpers and scarves.Knowing your friends are there for you.

Getting up for water in the middle of the night,high ceilings, brushed teeth, sharpened pencils, staying up late, black boots, long coats, tipping your head back to breathe in air, mirrored lakes, the drop at the top of a rollercoaster, fog drifting over a mountain, ghost stories by firelight, the sound of birds singing,

Oversized jumpers, dried flowers, muddy feet, humming in the morning, singing in the shower, spinning on office showers, untying your hair, worn leather boots, dancing home alone, jumping high on trampolines, handwritten love letters, bright mornings, burning sunsets,honey and flowers,random laughing fits.

Bella xx