shirt, style, and clothes image legs and window image
Basically just super casual - flannels, beanies, leggings, and converse


Image by larksings Image by chloe


Mature image pink and sensitive image
Constantly confused, will cry if confronted
alien, space, and funny image universe, art, and grunge image
Fascinated by the universe and everything in it (even the things some people refuse to believe in)
yellow, aesthetic, and quotes image world, change, and quotes image
Future family disappointment, driven to make the world a better place
book, disappear, and quotes image Image by Gina C.
Maybe a bit invisible, speaks in at least 50% swears
shock, Immortality, and synchronicity image etsy, star, and parks and recreation image
Lifelong believer and lifelong mess
hufflepuff, harry potter, and yellow image school, tired, and red image
Hufflepuff, tired of and broken down by a flawed education system


story, ink, and book image books, aesthetic, and library image aesthetic, books, and theory image rain, green, and quotes image book and spells image article, netflix, and tv show image life, quotes, and concert image percy jackson, aesthetic, and book image


yellow, sky, and aesthetic image yellow image purple, tumblr, and aesthetic image aesthetic, beach, and pastel image aesthetic, clouds, and sky image focus, mint, and mint green image candy, food, and rose image beautiful, black, and flames image


animal, cute, and beautiful image animal, cute, and big image Image removed animal and fox image


aes image candy, food, and sweet image Image by Amanda Auverigne food, pancakes, and breakfast image