Self Love is deeper than vanity.
Self Love is deeper than finding yourself attractive.
but finding yourself attractive is a bit of it.

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Self Love is treating yourself right.
Self Love is doing things you love.

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If you love dancing or singing and you go a day without dancing or singing, then you probably don't feel as good?

If you love painting and you paint everyday, then you most likely feel happy while doing it, and it fills your soul.

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Self Love is loving yourself to make the right decisions.
If you know you love meditating each morning, then you would make decision to it every morning rather than sleeping it and rushing out the door without meditating. Make decisions like you love yourself

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Self Love is self discovery, if you don't really know what you LOVE then you discover what you do love by trying different things out.

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Self Love is being whole by yourself, and not looking for others, friends, family, or relationship wise to make you happy because nobody should be a void for your unhappiness.

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Don't love yourself because people say you need to in order to be in a good relationship, but for yourself.

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Self Love is doing things for YOU. Do you want to lose weight to look like other girls? Or truly because you want a flat stomach?
Think about things like this. Do you want to go to a university because everyone else is and you don't want to miss out? Or because you really want to major in art.

Self Love is saying NO to people when you want to say NO



  • Self Love isn't a destination, you will continue to grow as you live.
  • Tell yourself positive affirmations.
  • Practice self love until it becomes second nature.
  • Reinforce negative opinions or thinking that you made facts into positive ones.
  • If you fall off then get back on
  • Confidence
  • Basic self care
  • Be honest with yourself and remember every decision is a lesson.