i am an addict and they say that the first step to getting over an addiction is admitting what your addicted to. the thing is this is one of my many addictions i never want to get over, my addiction to you.

i’m addicted to pain, not physical pain but the pain i feel whenever you break my heart for what feels like the millionth time. i’m an addict.

i’m addicted your hatred of the little things. like the word “oof” because you claim it sounds dumb, that i make fun of your accent and being awake at “ungodly hours of the day” such as 7 AM. i’m an addict.

i’m addicted to the positivity that radiates off of you. somehow you always know exactly what to say to make someone’s shitty day feel like their best and give amazing advice (even though you never follow it yourself). i’m an addict.

i’m addicted to your awful sleep schedule. you sleep all day and stay awake all night, which is extremely unhealthy but it gives me more time to talk to you since “time zones fucking suck and can chupa tus polla”. you say horribly stupid things but i’m an addict.

i’m addicted to how supportive you are of me. you support all of my decisions no matter what, you don’t question anything. you just go with the flow and make sure you’re there to catch me if i fall. i’m an addict.

i could go on for the rest of my life about how you’re like a drug and i’m addicted to you, just your presence is enough to send me into a state of pure bliss. and no matter how many times we manage to fuck up and hurt each other, at the end of every day, every argument, every late night conversation, every stupid joke you make, every dumb pick up line i say, and every TV Show reference, i’m yours and you’re mine.

you’re the drug, i’m the addict and i wouldn’t have it any other way.

(written by @DICCELODEON)