Hi! Thank you for 2k followers!! I'm really thankful for every single one of you guys! I thought I would share some more about me since there are so many of you guys now! Enjoy! This article was inspired by:

Average grades- A

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Best Movie- The Fault in our Stars

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Current time: 10:20

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Drink I last had- Water

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Everyday starts with- a stretch

Favorite Song- Little Things by Annie LeBlanc

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Grossest memory- when my friend puked in my hair at a fair. lol

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Height- 5'1" I think...

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I'm in love with- WHI, reading, gymnastics, my cat, pilates, and food

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Jealous of- people with really high confidence

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Killed someone- Never. I have never.

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Last time I cried- A few days ago I think...

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Middle name- I'd rather not share

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Number of siblings- Zero

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One wish- for everyone to be able to have their wishes come true

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Person you last called/texted- my best friend @twothree5

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Questions you are always asked- I really don't know

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Reasons to smile- waking up everyday, sunsets, love

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Song you last sang- I don't really know. I don't really ever sing.

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Time you woke up- today I woke up at 6:30ish

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Vacation Places- I would like to do on a big tour of Europe, go back to China, and travel to Australia.

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X-rays you've had- My right ring finger, my stomatch, my mouth, my right arm and my left ankle twice

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Your favorite food- I can't decide.

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Zodiac sign- scorpio

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Thank you for reading!