Hey Everyone! This article is or those people who want to attempt my 30 day writing challenge. It is a list of what is required for every single day. I hope you try this challenge, and we can attempt it together...

Day 1. Explain the meaning behind your name

Day 2. List as many things as possible that make you happy

Day 3. Write about your happiest memory and your saddest memory

Day 4. Make a bucket list of at least 10 things that you want to accomplish in the next 15 years

Day 5. Write your 5 favorite things about yourself and explain why

Day 6. Write about what your life would be like if you just ran away from the one you are living now

Day 7. Write 3 things that you think your friends love about you

Day 8. Name your top 3 favorite movies and tell how you can relate to the characters

Day 9. Name your favorite meal and tell of any memories you had while eating it

Day 10. Write about something that thoroughly excites you

Day 11. Write a brutally honest letter to your 10-year-old self

Day 12. Name your three favorite TV shows and explain why you love them

Day 13. If you authored a book, describe what it would be about

Day 14. Descibe your personality in many words

Day 15. Tell what you would do if you won 1 million dollars

Day 16. List 20 things that you are grateful for

Day 17. Name your top 3 favorite places in the world

Day 18. Write a review on a movie, book, or album

Day 19. Describe what happiness is to you

Day 20. Write about a summer that you will never forget

Day 21. Tell what your biggest fears are and why

Day 22. In detail, write about the strangest dream you've ever had

Day 23. Write as if you are writing in your own personal diary

Day 24. Make a list of all the different ways you procrastinate

Day 25. Write about a place that made you feel happy and at peace with yourself

Day 26. Name your favorite pieces of art and tell why they inspire you

Day 27. Write about a favorite first time for you

Day 28. Describe what you have done all day

Day 29. Make a list of 5 things that you are going to try and attempt to accomplish in the next month

Day 30. Write about all the good and bad things that happened to you during these past 30 days

-April xo