-> i know that literally no one wanted this, but i thought it would be fun. Here you go. <-

age: 16

best movie: breakfast club or phantom of the opera

current time: 8:05 pm

drink I last had: dr. pepper

every day starts with: me planning ways to not have panic attacks, and deciding what needs to get done that day

favorite songs: Amsterdam -Nothing But Thieves,
The Reason - Hoobastank, The Sound - The 1975

grossest memory: the first time my mom allowed me to chew gum, I spread it all over the car and in my hair.

height: 5 foot 4 inches

in love with: art, music, candles, road trips, and poetry (any form of literature honestly)

jealous of: people who have the freedom to buy things, or go places whenever they want to.

killed someone: no, but I've thought of becoming a vigilante many times.

last time I cried: about two nights ago

middle name: janae (juh-neigh)

number of siblings: two

one wish: to give my mom the things she's always wanted (mostly things that cost a lot of money)

person i last texted/called: the last person i both texted and called was my great friend Ash (hi i know you see this)

question(s) im always asked: You're (my twins name)'s sister?, Why are you always in your room?

reasons to smile: one day i will be able to say and do the things i want to do without being criticized or stopped

song i last sang: uhh some Bon Jovi song i cant remember the name

time i woke up today: 7:00am

underwear color: white with a blue Anti-possession symbol on it

vice: impulsively cutting/dying my hair (which to be fair isnt that bad)

worst habit: being impulsive

x-rays i've had done: my arm when i broke it, and my wrist when i broke it.

your favorite food: pizza, sushi, or a big mac

zodiac sign: scorpio