Jeez, I barely made it to my own deadline of bimonthly article posts. It is midterms week at Ball State University and the amount of work that I have to do is a little overwhelming. I am procrastinating on projects as I type this, but I wanted to at least make some time to create and publish this article.

This small music playlist was created in my sophomore year of highschool. In order to counteract feeling down during those 8-hour school days, I would listen to songs that cheered me up or made me content. I hope that you all like this playlist as much as I did (and still do), and I hope that it cheers you up if you are having a rough day.

This playlist consists of 10 songs.

"A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes" by Niia

(Not available on YouTube, but can be found on Soundcloud)

disney, princess, and cinderella image disney and place image
Have faith in your dreams and someday / Your rainbow will come smiling through / No matter how your heart is grieving / If you keep on believing / The dream that you wish will come true.

"Lahaha" by Shugo Tokumaru [トクマルシューゴ]

couple and japan image McDonalds, japan, and aesthetic image
割れるひびはLAHAHA / 晴れる日にはLAHAHA / 割れるひびはLAHAHA / 帰る頃にひびはLAHAHA || The broken cracks go lahaha / On sunny days they go lahaha / The broken cracks go lahaha / When I’m going home, the cracks go lahaha

"Ink Slinger" by Brooke Waggoner

book, fire, and grunge image tea, book, and travel image
Honestly, oh me, oh my / I think my nerves are growing high / I can't contain the words; I am on fire / Do not quench and do not stifle / Pull the trigger, shoot the rifle / Not afraid to bleed from what perspires

"Ain't it Fun" by Paramore

hair, guitar, and blue image grunge, run, and aesthetic image
So what are you gonna do when the world don't orbit around you? / So what are you gonna do when nobody wants to fool with you? / Ain't it fun living in the real world / Ain't it good being all alone

"Built This Way" by Samantha Ronson

(Yes, this song came from the movie Mean Girls, I recommend watching it, if you haven't seen it)

heart, skate, and red image quotes, aesthetic, and red image
Did you ever feel like you wanna be / Someone else for just one day / Did you ever feel like you wanna see / Through another pair of eyes

"Everybody's Changing" by Keane (Lily Allen Cover) ((Cover by Evelina Edwards-Smithers))

(Not available on YouTube, but can be found on Soundcloud)

house and vintage image flowers, grunge, and daisy image
You're aching, you're breaking / And I can see the pain in your eyes / Says everybody's changing / And I don't know why

"Electric Feel" by MGMT

(One of my personal favorites)

love, couple, and kiss image blue, grunge, and sky image
All along the eastern shore / Put your circuits in the sea / This is what the world is for / Making electricity / You can feel it in your mind / Oh you can do it all the time / Plug it in, change the world / You are my electric girl

"My Time" by Bo En

kawaii, song, and bo en image anime, pink, and kawaii image
Oyasumi oyasumi / Close your eyes and you'll leave this dream / Oyasumi oyasumi / I know that it's hard to do

"Feel Good Inc." by Gorillaz

gif, gorillaz, and music image feel good, gorillaz, and windmill image
Love forever, love is free / Let's turn forever, you and me / Windmill, windmill for the land / Is everybody in?

"Pure Imagination" by Fiona Apple

Dream, galaxy, and night image stars, sky, and tree image
If you want to view paradise / Simply look around and view it / Anything you want to, do it / Want to change the world? / There's nothing to it

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