Day 4 was goooot. I had cereal, a boiled egg and grapefruit for breakfast. (Grapfruit I have a love/hate relationship with because I am not fond of the taste but it's a super food so I know I should eat it.) For lunch I had leftover pizza, an orange and raisins. For dinner my family got fast food so I just snacked on some fruits and veggies. I know I should have had a protein but oh well. I met my water goal again today so yeeeeeee. As for exercise, a friend and I went walking around these underground tunnels near where we live. They are really twisty and rise up and down with a fair share of stairs so it was quite the workout. Also hopefully this particular friend's schedule opened up so that he can go with me to the gym at our University with me sometimes! It's fine working out at home but I always feel like I push myself more at the gym. Maybe because my couch and bed aren't so close when I'm there ha. Anyway today was good. I didn't get to do yoga so I am going to try to get up in the morning early and do it. I need to find a good one for beginners though so I don't get discouraged and frustrated if I can't do all the of poses just yet. Getting more flexible is one of my main goals out of getting healthier so I need to put more time into practicing yoga.
*Also the title today was inspired by a game my Pre-k class played in P.E today. Super fun