so this is inspired by la casa de papel, when I saw that they were calling themselves by cities names I was like I want to do that with my friends, so this is some ideas if you want to do this with your friends :)


I mean of course it's the first one.
Ex. Toyko, Rio, Berlin, Malibu, Sydney...


I think that planets names are pretty cool
Ex. Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Uranus, Saturn...


I don't know but hey I think it pretty cool
Ex. Andromeda... I didn't found some more you gotta go search on the internet for more


I think this one is pretty funny like your friend is like '' Hey chair wassup''
so this one is totally random you can choose anything you want:)


names of crystal are pretty cool
Ex. Angelite, Aura, Galena, Halite, Lava...


well you know
Ex. Rose, Dahalia, Lotus, Magnolia, Jasmine...


maybe there is some name that you like in there you never know
Ex. Lexus, Carrera, Turbo, Maruti....

8.Designer Brands

why not
Ex. Versace, Prada, Gucci...


someone that like video games well this is for you
Ex. Zelda, Link, Toad...

10. Gods & Goddesses

i'm talking about greek god or other, but not like religious or something like that you know
Ex. Athena, Venus, Hypnos, Poseidon, Zeus...

11. TV shows names

it like the same things with characters but in tv shows
Ex. Eleven(heyhey)....

12. Zodiac

I think its cute
Ex. Aries, Virgo, Libra, Pisces...


by icon I mean like whitney Houston and all
Ex. Diana Ross...

14. Weather

yep it kinda weird but cute
Ex. Sky, Cloud, Storm, Thunder, Rainy...

That it, I hope that you like it, I am sorry for the English mistakes I dont speak English so :) For the names you need to use your imagination because it always better like that so you know i'm just giving you ideas that all

Have a great day, love you
if you ever need to talk you can DM me on twitter @ grande_dun