Well this was meant to be an article about what or why I like the red colour but it ended being something completly different jajaja, it turned out to be a poem or a song or just a bunch of words that don't make sense, I'm not sure but here's the result

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Red roses you gave me, but only when I was under the grave, drowning in the blood of your deadly thoughts, cherry pie o how I wish life was just a piece of cherry pie, red but not violent, sweet like marmalade, as a sugar rush, an innocent drug, just like cherry pie, sweet like cherry pie, when I was just thirteen waiting for a sign, happy just as hell living by the day I remember how back then life was just a piece of pie, everything red but as the beauty of a rose, still everything is, is red but like the blood of the people dying on the streets, oh shiny shiny but so evil like that guy on a burning Ferrari car, If only life could be as sweet as cherry pie, as bright as neon lights, always red but velvet soft, oh I'd love to be a cherry pie and im not a cherry pie but i've been bitten by the devil himself, demons tasting my soul and my brain, not leaving me alone, Romeo save me please come back with me, can't you hear me scream?, I think I can see you, I think I can hear you, but only in my dreams, oh cherry pie, oh baby, together now we are but only in my dreams, in my dreams we're holding hands, eating cherry pie...
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