hello lovely people of the internet! as you can see by the title, i'm attempting to be healthier. emotionally and physically! kinda like a glow up. i would love to have some friends/friend to help me and i can help become a better person. we could share tips and tricks, and workouts!

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you could message me on whi, snapchat, Instagram, kik etc.

what I'm hoping to achieve//goals

  • i would love to eat healthier, (vegetarian/vegan hopefully)
  • working out
  • meditating/yoga
  • becoming more flexible
  • achieving better grades/better schoolwork
  • being more informed about whats going on
  • read more!
  • learn about new things!

of course these aren't all the things you'd want to achieve by becoming friends with me but it'd be great to know someone who wants the same things as me!

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thanks for reading, and i hope i can make more friends!
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