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December 24 - January 20

art, deer, and drawing image

has nobility, high ideals and aspirations and will never be dissuaded from achieving his goals.

January 21 - February 17

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Quick-minded and developed wit, the cat possesses the gift of intellect.

February 18 - March 17

design, drawing, and snake image

cold and impassive on the outside, the snakes are very curious and spend their lives looking for answers about the world and the people around them.

March 18 - April 14

art, fox, and blue image

incredibly clever and charismatic, which helps him seduce and win over people.

April 15 - May 12

art, bull, and cool image

Strong, loving, stable and confident, the bull is the ideal person to turn to if you need a shoulder to cry on.

May 13 - June 9

art, beautiful, and drawing image

is a flexible, versatile and creative person, with the ability to move between established norms, because it has an incredible memory.

June 10 - July 7

art, raven, and crow image

this animal stands out for its ingenuity, freshness and openness to new ideas and dispositions.

July 8 - August 4

art and horse image

Powerful and always in development, the horse lives life as a competition.

August 5 - September 1

art, art for sale, and artist image

Salmon often dive deep into their inner world in search of inspiration, bright visions and dream perspective.

September 2 - 29

drawing image

Spiritually evolved, eloquent and very stylish.

September 30 - October 27

butterfly and art image

This sign has a great social life and he spends his life flitting between friends and family, with whom he never loses contact.

October 28 - November 24

wolf, flowers, and art image

Wolves have a strong sense of purpose, and will do what is necessary to achieve their goals.

November 25 - December 23

bird, art, and drawing image

Nobody has higher levels of attention and commitment than the hawk has.

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