Every girl dreams of her big day, marriage! This is my dream wedding!

wedding, couple, and love image flowers image
the dress
ring image ring, diamond, and wedding image
the ring
cake, flowers, and wedding cake image cake, wedding, and flowers image
the cake
wedding image wedding and summer image
the decorations
wedding, love, and couple image Image by varietylike
the boquet
hair, flowers, and hairstyle image wedding, dress, and bride image
the hair
wedding, donuts, and cake image Image by ꠨✿꠨ G ᗩ ᗷ ᗷ Y ꠨✿꠨
the food
love, wedding, and light image blogger, couple, and dress image
last but not least the photos

This was my dream wedding! I hope you enjoyed!

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Cover photo by Corinne Kutz on Unsplash