Hello everyone! I have been pulling all-nighters to figure out where is the soul stone. Because when I went to go see Black Panther it wasn't there. Even Ryan Coogler said it wasn't there and he directed the movie so.....
But me being the SUPER SPY I am, I have a couple of ideas of where it can be. You might be SHOOK after this article.

1. The Quantum Realm

Avengers, Marvel, and paul rudd image

What in the name of Loki's hair?
Yeah you heard me.

When many think that the Ant-man movies doesn't play a big role, I think it does. Remember when Hank Pym was talking to Scott Lang and said "Don't shrink between atoms" Lang- "DoN't ShRiNk BeTwEen aTomS". Well, he visited the quantum realm. Which can play a major role in Marvel movies, but many people don't think so. SMH. But why put an movie that has no meaning between the 2 biggest movies of the world if it not going to tie into the movie. Am I right?

2. Already with the Cosmic Titan

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Think about it. Even though Infinity war pt1 will be the longest running Marvel movie ever, the cast is huge. Like really HUGE. They're going to need every second for the action and team ups. So thanos maybe already has the sOuL stone to save some time.

3. Hela

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She might have it. I know its a FAR stretch, but Hela with is the goddess of death which will be the MCU's version of Death, herself. Thanos wants to WOO her by collecting the infinity PEBBLES. (That should be a cereal). In the comics, Death joins forces to defeat Thanos. Like, Thanos, Death doesn't like you honey, stop. Hela MIGHT have the stone, and might give it to him. IdK?

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In the meanwhile, have a great day.