I don't feel comfortable in my own skin.I don't feel confident in what I do.I feel like I'm doing everything wrong and as though I should quit because ill fail.I am afraid of people. The way they look at me or the way I think they look at me.I feel like as soon as I walk out of my front door I'm already being judged.I have anxiety when I pass everyone in the hall.When I wake up , I no longer find joy about the rest of my day because I know it will go just as it did the day before.My feelings will be the same.My fears will still be there.The same sadness will still be hidden.My chest will still feel as heavy because all of my pain is held there.I do not see purpose of my life.I don't want it to end it, I just don't see its purpose sometimes and it scares me.I want to have purpose.I will follow a career and so forth but after that? and after that? Then death?Its not the best outlook of life but sadly thats how I seem to view it and I wish I didn't.