Now, here we are. I'll finally do that challenge. I'd just watched the 4th movie right now and the envy was stronger than me. So, let's begin this! Hope you'll enjoy!

_Hogwarts house _: ravenclaw

ravenclaw blue harry potter harry potter
For wise, wisdom, intelligence and creativity


blue harry potter
English oak, phoenix feather, 10¾", nice and supple

_As a pet I would bring _: an owl

autumn Superthumb
Just a beauty, plus that's a such smart animal

_Patronus _: the fox

animals animal
The fox symbolizes the observation, the dexterity and the cleverness, the discretion and the rapidity.

Favorite professor: Remus Lupin

aesthetic harry potter chocolate animal
I think you understand why

_Spells I would use _: accio, lumos, and wingardium leviosa

harry potter harry potter harry potter expecto patronum
The one because I'm losing absolutely everything everywhere, the second because what's more beautiful than creating lights, and third and the last one because it would be pleasant and relaxing

_Favorite place in Hogwarts _: the Great Hall

harry potter galaxy
Just think about it, that place contains an enchanted ceiling! Amazing!

_Quiddich position _: seeker

harry potter broom
Just because I'm in love with the Golden Snitch, so pure...

Deathly Hallows: the cloak of invisibility

harry potter Superthumb
I don't want power and glory, moreover, I don't want to be stuck in the past

Favorite magical creature: a phoenix

Superthumb Superthumb
Don't have to explain, that creature can reborn (and notice the wisdom)

Most loved female character: Hermione Granger

Abusive image image was against our terms of service aesthetic animal harry potter

Most loved man character: Severus Snape

harry potter book animal always

Most hated female character: Dolores Umbridge

Superthumb Superthumb

Most hated man character: Peter Pettigrew

harry potter Superthumb Superthumb black

_Favorites subjects _: Astronomy & Charms

aesthetic book

Saddest death:

Fred Wesley's death, Dobby's death, Sirius Black's death, Severus Snape's death, and so on... too many deaths omg!

So, that's the ending guys! To finish this article, I have some advice about what you must remind you:

harry potter, pencil, and expecto patronum image

Xoxo, Jay