hello my beautiful people! I’ve decided I will start a girl boss series where I will write about both on my Instagram and here (on whi). I will be posting as much as I can for this series and I am hoping that this will inspire you and help you become a girl boss too!


girl bosses wake up every day with a meaning. they always know their plan for the day, and what they are going to do. they look forward with a positive mindset, being ready to slay the day. in other words, you must be ready to dedicate your time and energy into working for your goals. you shouldn’t just ‘want’ something; you should work for it.

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“starting is just as important as dreaming.”


success does not always come without sacrifices. sometimes you need to decline those “important” things in life; such as a once-in-a-lifetime event or a night out with your favorite people before your exams. of course, sacrificing things aren’t going to be easy. you’re going to feel bored, sad, and left out, but trust me when I say that the end will be worth it. a girl boss knows that in order to reach her goals, and be as successful as possible, she must dedicate her time, energy, and satisfy some of the fun things in life. all of it will pay off.

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self care

for a girl boss, it’s not all about the action, it’s also about the rest. she knows that she works so much hard, so she will prioritize just enough time to rest. as a girl boss, it’s highly important to have a certain day of the week, completely for self care. not only does it help you maintain a healthy relationship with yourself, but it reminds you the importance of self love and rest. habits relating to self care may include meditation, yoga, logging off of social media, having a diy spa night, and more. self care is different for everyone, what matters is that you satisfy your mental and physical needs.

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helping others

many people mistake a girl bosses self-love and self-value with selfishness. while girl bosses know their value and importance, they make a habit of being generous and kind to others. they love to share their ideas and knowledge with others while expecting nothing in return. this is (also) their skill in networking. they know that they need the talent of the other girl bosses, so they build good relationships with them. success, to them, means influencing and inspiring the people around them.

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to-do lists

a girl boss doesn’t just go on her phone the minute she wakes up. she starts off her day with her journal and clears her mind, while also preparing on how to tackle the day. the plan is: right before going to bed, spend the time writing down your tasks/agenda for the next day. then, after waking up in the morning, rank your tasks from least to most important. this, and being organized in general, will give you the mindset of getting things done.

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“do something every day that brings you closer to your goals.”


a girl boss absolutely loves learning new things and building her knowledge. she reads books that will allow her to learn more about success, self-awareness, and setting goals. listening to podcasts and ted talks are also a way that helps her relax while getting inspiration and learning.

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for a girl boss, failure is just a part of the path to her success. it’s nothing for her to give up or cry over. she will stand back up, stronger than ever, and continue to work. the term “giving up,” is something that is never to be considered.

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