why the fuck am i still talking about him or writing about him?

why does he deserve that

why does he deserve to let me think about him
he wasted my time
he still is wasting my time

i want to let him go already but i can't
he's over its all over he's just a memory

god i just want to be done with him already

its never over
it will never BE over

how am i suppose to handle that?

and when i drive five hours to visit the hometown that i love
i will have to see him

how he's grown and changed
and when he sees me he's going to tell me that he missed me

i'll reply with a simple "me too"
but i can't stop thinking about him

because when people asked "have you ever been heart broken"
i don't know what to say because his face rushes into my mind

and i want to be over it
i really do

when i see him, when i look into his ocean eyes will i feel the same?
or will i feel nothing?

should i tell him how much he fucked me up?
or just tell him lies