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So what is a girl boss?
A girlboss is who is nice and is who she wants to be.

Honestly, so much pressure is being put on girls to become a "Girl Boss" which recently just became another synonym for a mean girl. I'm not saying here on WHI but in real life. So a girl boss isn't a girl who needs to have the latest Iphone and the Louis Vuitton hand bag, a girl boss is someone who takes account for her actions is the best person she can be.

Someone who isn't afraid to be herself in a society where other say labels.

"So what do i do to be a "girl boss"?" I wont be the one to give you a definite answer but i will provide some tips to be one.

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♕ G I R L B O S S ♕

❥ Be Empathetic

Who wants to be seen as a boss when they are bossing and pushing people around.

❥ Take Notice of your Manners

Be someone you'd be want to be friends with. Having manners makes you feel polite. Always acknowledge everyone in your life. Say "thank you" to the janitors in your school, to the waitress at that diner and smile at people who help you.

Just smile in general:)

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❥ Do what you want

A girl boss is someone who does what she wants because she wants without hurting others. So do what you want, ever been afraid of joining that basketball team because you thought of what others thought of you. Just remember as long as its where your heart lies, do it and go for it. It wont make you any less of an awesome person.

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No matter who you are, as long as you are being true to yourself and being the nice person you are, you are a girl boss!

♛ millie ♛
♛ millie ♛