A small inspiring message to remind you that life will be hard, I have been through so much when I was younger. I did everything I can to make myself enjoy life because I may grow up and regret it so much for not laughing and enjoying life. When I was younger I have missed out some of the days when everyone was enjoying their day and laughing and everything. The reason why I missed because I was busy worrying about what people think of me, what I am wearing, what's she saying and all that frustrated me. I hate it so much because I want to able to feel that I can be confident around people without them making fun of me. When I was younger I get bullied a lot. Let be honest here, I am deaf, born profoundly deaf. I have two cochlear to help me hear, a cochlear is a machine and I would have to do an operation to help me hear. I get bullied by making fun of my speech, while I was in high school I have to stay in same class because the teacher has to wear the speaker to help me hear, they would always say why-why why do we have to stay here all the time just for her you know what I mean. Every day is like that and everyone would just blame on me for staying in the same class. But I didn't ask for this.

Those days aren't over for me, I still think about it, I still worry about what people think of me. I know it's wrong. I would I can change and have a confident to get over it.

After all this stress and everything, it has been a crazy experience. One day I went to my room and changed everything I decorated little bit just to feel fresh. It was the best idea ever. My mum got me a diary to write down everything what I have been feeling. After decorating my room, I sat on my bed writing down everything what I have been feeling, what happens and stuff. On the next day before stepping into the school I will take a big breath and let go. I am always in pain, tired, get sick but no matter what there are my friends I always and will always gonna have a smile to show them that I am happy and I am okay nothing to worry. Every time when I catch someone making fun of me they would start laughing and saying shit. So what did I do? Nothing I said they are fricken jealous, they a fricken a shit people, I turn around and start to laugh. You know what I did that? I will tell you why - Because when you do catch them making fun of you, they are trying to make you upset, You cant show them you are upset, you need to show them that your way better them. You have an amazing soul. You need to stand up for yourself. It's okay to get upset there is no problem with that. But you should feel confident about yourself. you should stand up for yourself. Trust me you would feel amazing.

Your life is beautiful, Shit, Happy, Bullshit, Angry, Upsetting, Love, safe, Protective and Awesome - You should be blessed what you have right now.

Never, Never, Never give up. Don't wait the time will never just right, make sure you remember wherever you go, go with all your heart.