Unless you've been living under a rock you have probably noticed that the 90's and even some parts of the 80's are having a major comeback in the fashion world. Oversized everything, choquers, mom jeans, windbreakers, band tees, basically if it is, or just looks vintage it's in. I blame Stranger Things for this 80's revival, at least once a week somebody tells me that I look like nancy, the 90's I have no idea but I'm not mad at it, Here are, in my opinion, the pieces that had the biggest comeback.

1. Denim jackets

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They were super big in 80's and continued on to the 90's. It was staple in every closet, male or female everyone had one.

2. Slip dresses

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Kate Moss, Gwyneth Paltrow, Winona Ryder, Courtney Love, all made made fashion history in them. Silk, velvet, long, midi, short, over a white tee, they're super versatile and can be dressed up or down adapting to any occasion.

3. Tattoo choquers

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Everyone in the 90's had one and every wannabe edgy teen in 2014 had one too, yes me included. Tattoo choquers themselves are not as popular now but they brought back the choquer trend in general. Choquers now come in every style, colour, shape and size.

4. Mom jeans

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Skinny jeans ruled most of the 2000's but have recently took the back seat to mom jeans and I'm 100% here for it.

5. Windbreakers

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With a crop top and mom jeans, they are just so cute and give such and edge to any outfit.

6. Dad sneakers

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I can't say I'm happy about this one, I just don't get it. But it is a 90's trend and it did have a recent resurgence so here it is.

7. Sunglasses

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Clout, heart shapped or whatever the ones in the first picture are called. 90's sunglasses in general had a huge comeback and it's probably my favourite 90's trend.

Hope u like it <333 I love the 80's and 90's, movies, tv shows, fashion, everything was iconic so I knew I had to write something about it.

Sofia >_<