I feel like this month has been the hardest so far mainly because there were days where I didn't feel like working out or felt like I ate too much. I also realized I was doing less days this month. Like I would have 2 days of rest days then exercise the next day. Regularly, I would only have 1 rest day. There was also this time period where I messed up my sleeping schedule and would do my workout that night (11pm) and didn't end until like at 1am. I stopped that habit after I realized what was the cause of my problems for sleeping.

One of the things I am proud of and that marks what I achieved was I can now lift a 45lbs barbell. Like at the beginning of January, I tried lifting and I was so weak that I couldn't. It was about a week ago that I was wondering if I could lift it now, tried it and I could do it. I was so happy.

Okay so this month and last month I learned a lot of important things beginners need to know when going on their journey. Even though I'm not exactly i beginner nor a pro since I've been getting at this whole fitness stuff my whole life but quitting a lot of times, I've been learning each step of the way;

1. EAT BREAKFAST AND LUNCH. Especially if your goal is to gain muscle. If you don't eat breakfast and/or lunch then your body will start eating your muscles to fuel your body until you eat something. Even if its a small breakfast, just eat something. Here's where they explain in it more in depth; https://www.livestrong.com/article/554481-when-does-the-body-start-to-use-muscle-tissue-for-energy/

2. IF YOU'RE DOING STRENGTH TRAINING, GIVE YOURSELF REST DAYS. The reason for this is you don't want to overtrain yourself and then not gain any muscle or lose fat. You don't build muscle the day you workout but the rest day you give yourself. The way I do it is 1 day i exercise and 2 days later I exercise (ex. MONDAY: exercise, TUESDAY: rest day, WEDNESDAY: exercise) You can do cardio or anything less intense that doesn't involve weights in those rest days if you choose to do that.

3. If you are younger than 18 years of age, don't take strong supplements. You are still growing and if you take supplements that aren't safe for you it can cause problems. Found out which supplements you can take here: https://www.bodybuilding.com/store/teens.htm

4. Working out is about 20-30% of your day and eating is about 70-80% of your day. Keep that in mind because you can't just eat a shit load especially if it's junk food if your goal is to lose fat.

5. DO NOT TAKE MORE PROTEIN THAN YOU NEED TO. Taking more protein than you actually need to can result in weight gain, being hangry, bad breath, and desire to drink more. Girls ages 9-13 should have an intake of 34g of protein per day. Girls ages 14-18 should have an intake of 46g of protein per day. Boys ages 14-18 should have an intake of 52g of protein per day. But this is all different for all types of situations. Research how much protein you should take within the day.

6. SLEEP. Okay so if you're wanting the gains, you need sleep. And the right amount of sleep. When you rest, your muscle are able to recover and grow. If you don't sleep, they won't grow as much. Sleeping is a key for muscle growth.

7. This is kind of optional. If you're wanting a certain body goal, take pictires every month. If you're going to take those pics, do so in the same day every month. Also, I would suggest putting them in a secret folder. Taking pictures is to kind of track your goal.

8. Spot training isn't real. Spot training is the idea that you can cause weight loss or muscle definition in one area without affecting other parts of the body. You can't exercise and lose weight in a certain area, you have to work out the the whole body. Weight loss is a result of total body metabolism. And with the muscle definition, unless they change their diet and lose the fat that obscures those muscles, the muscle will never be visible.

9. DO NOT EXERCISE WHEN EXHAUSTED. It's very dangerous to workout when you're exhausted. Also there's a difference between tired and exhausted. You can workout when you're tired. Here's an article I found in order to explain this better than I do; http://www.sparkpeople.com/resource/fitness_articles.asp?id=2298

10. THE SCALE ISN'T EVERYTHING. Okay so I get it, scale is to measure how much you weigh. But take in consideration that muscle weighs and your organs weigh, not just your fat. Don't depend so much on the scale if you're on your fitness journey. It's a bad habit.

11. You cannot grow a bigger butt in a short amount of time and without lifting weights. Doing 100 bodyweight squats or leg kickbacks or whatever a day won't give you a "brazilian butt". Muscle takes time and patience to grow and if you aren't lifting then you won't grow anything. Sure cardio will lift up the muscle you already have but it won't GROW IT.

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