I seen this trend floating around and decided to jump on the bandwagon. So welcome, and I hope you get to to learn a little more about me :)


clothes, denim jacket, and fashion image girl, flowers, and vintage image fashion, style, and red image fashion, outfit, and style image
My closet basically only consists of denim, striped/floral shirts, and converse style shoes.


hair, ombre, and hairstyle image Temporarily removed baby blue, blue, and brand image designer glasses, prescription sunglasses, and men's glasses image
Yes, My eyes are actually two-ish different colors. They're not as intense as this picture but you can tell in person that they are in fact, two different colors.


aesthetic, blue, and game image beautiful, instrument, and light image violin image Legend of Zelda, pokemon, and 3ds image
Music and the Sims are pretty much all I do with my free time.


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flowers, yellow, and sunflower image aesthetic, aesthetics, and color image morning, pink, and purple image orange, flowers, and aesthetic image


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Yes, The Golden Girls isn't a movie but it's pretty much my only favorite tv show so it's going here with movies.


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Some bonus info if you've made it this far;

Age: 18
From: United States
Gender: Female (She/Her)

❥ If you've made it down to here, thank you so much for reading and getting to know me a little better! I hope you have lovely day.