I still want to go back in time.
To do better the second time.
To make a better choice.
I still haven't figured out what the best choice would've been,
but what i do know is
if you touch me even if it is by accident every nerve in my body tingles and you can't possibly think that none of my old feelings will resurface.
My day won't be any good until you said something to me or smiled to me.
The days without you feel so blue
and I don't know what I can do to not feel about you like this.
What if it is different the next time I see you, what if you feel different about me. Will it be easier for me to see you now time has past. We did have contact, even just one sentence was enough for me to know you thought about me to. It is so hard not to know how you feel, I want to talk to you but I can't just bring this up like it is nothing. What if you do not feel the same. It wil change everything again. The first time you learned from your mistakes and now you are changing yourself to be the best version of yourself but how will i know you will stay like this. I do not want to make myself look like I am dumb by trusting you, knowing you might laugh at me behind my back with your friends. You give me just enough to keep thinking about you, but to little to know for sure you want me.