i feel like people's favourite character in a series says a lot about them as a person. so basically here's my favourite characters from each of my favourite tv shows xo


friends, sorry, and Joey image
joey tribbiani

like everyone else, i love all of the characters in friends but joey has to be my favourite. in my opinion, joey is the funniest out of all 6 of them. he's also really sweet which i love. i also relate a lot to his stupidity.


riverdale, archie andrews, and Archie image
archie andrews

people call me cliché for liking archie so much. i don't understand what everyone has against archie? i think he's a really sweet character who genuinely wants the best for everyone. sure, he can be stupid at times but bless him, he's trying his best.


modern family, funny, and lol image
phil dunphy

my god how could you not love phil dunphy. HE IS LITERALLY ME IN A MAN'S BODY. i relate so much to everything he does tbh.


beautiful, spain, and benidorm image
(i couldn't find any pics)

i honestly have so many favourites in Benidorm it's hard to pick just one. it's got to be either martin, because he's so posh but so sweet i love him sm, or noreen because she's an actual godsend.


charlie, disney, and disney channel image
pj duncan

ok throwback, but good luck charlie was my abso favourite show growing up. pj was always my favourite because he's so stupid it's funny and i related to him sooo much. i'll always love pj.

i hope this article helped you to see a bit of what type of person i am through my favourite tv characters, thanks for reading xo