Hi, this is my first article- hope you enjoy, just want to highlight the importance of a positive mind during revision and exams- how having a positive mind pushes you to work and also, avoids you feeling guilty when you are taking a break for once.

I realised that nothing beats hard work and dedication to revision to do your best in exams. However, this does not mean having a positive mind set will not help you along the way. I realised that being able to have a positive mind set has allowed me to asses how I need to improve, split my revision into chunks in time for exams and how much I need to review to be confident before entering the exam hall. This has been one way of being realistic, looking positively at the work I have to do and recognising that this revision on the Tudors is not going to last forever. Also, that I will have three months off in the summer to watch all the TV series and documentaries I love.

I think by having a positive mind during the run up to exams allow us to think about if we have kept to the amount needed to be done in the week and that it's okay to take the Sunday or any one day in the week, to think about yourself and relax. When planning revision I also slotted in 10-15 min breaks to help me not loose focus and take breaks when I begin to loose focus or concentration. So, when revision needs to take place, It will.

Finally, when you going into that exam with confidence, having a positive mind set and knowing you have done the revision, pass papers and above and beyond to not fear the exam, I think you should see that exam as the last obstacle between you and your goal of achieving your target grade or doing better than expected.

Let me know If you want to hear about how I split my revision down into chunks and the steps to improving your grade. Also, how I keep positive and the things I do to keep me calm during exam time.

Alisha x