To be honest, there's a lot wrong with WWE at the moment. Wrong guys getting pushed, right guys not getting pushed. Boring storylines that never seem to lead anywhere and NXT talent getting buried because they aren't big, sweaty man that Vince seems to have a thing for. Why don't we see The Perfect Ten Tye Dillinger? Because Vince thinks the the "Ten" chant is annoying. Really? You're gonna hold a guy back because he's getting over with the fans with his gimmick? Ok. Wonder why you haven't seen Rusev on TV for a while? Because his "Happy Rusev Day" chant is getting over with the fans and he thinks this will get in the way of Roman's almighty push. Seriously? So no other guys are allowed to be more popular then Roman?

Now like I've said before I don't hate Roman. I just hate the fact that other talent have to be held back from reaching their full potential just so Roman can have all the spotlight. What about Seth Freakin Rollins? Ya know. The Kingslayer? What about Dolph Ziggler? Shinsuke Nakamura? These are just some of the wrestlers who have been held back. Everyone's wanting that dream match Shinsuke vs AJ Styles, but will that ever happen?

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So what needs to change? A lot of things really. The NXT talent are future stars that will go on to shape the business, but most of the time they are an afterthought on the main roaster. In NXT, they thrive, and have brilliant rivalries, but when they get put on either Raw or Smackdown they are barely seen or heard of. Why? Cuz Vince doesn't like them. He doesn't "get" their gimmick or persona and just doesn't seem to see what we see. We see something special. Something different. Makes me think what they will do to Velveteen Dream when he goes to the main roaster. I think they are going to make him look like a joke.

When's the Roman Reigns push gonna end? When Vince retires probably. If they can push John Cena for this long, then they are damn well gonna try it with Roman too. But what for? To get booed out of the building? For people to chant, "You still suck" and "Boring" chants at him? People don't like been told that they should cheer for certain wrestlers, they can cheer for who they want. Even getting The Shield back together didn't help his case. The fans aren't stupid. And they shouldn't be treated like they are. Which brings me onto the next point.

Sometimes during shows, the audience gets edited and some of the boos get drowned out. How bad is that? Treating the fans like their opinion doesn't matter. Basically, the WWE doesn't care what you think. It's not just Roman, it's still all about John and for some reason Jinder seems to be getting this treatment too. Gee I wonder why? Nothing to do with the huge muscles by any chance is it Vince?

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Well that's my rant. More WWE stuff coming soon. Thanks for reading :)